Something about me

Well, I decided to refresh my profile, and to write something about myself :-)
Better late than never ;-)

My name is Sergey (also known as BrainWorker).

I am photographer from Russia, my motherland.

I am great admirer of wildlife photography. I like photograph nature, its landscape views, scenery beauty.

Well, I felt thirst for photography as kind of art when I have my first digital camera in 2004.

I like going to photo hunt somewhere in the country, being alone with nature, observe it. And observing it, I understood that beauty is everywhere, maybe right under ours feet, but not only somewhere far away in tropical countries, as they usually think.

I am programmer by profession, so my photo gallery created from nothing by myself became the thing that unite my big hobby and my professional skills - photo-art and programming.

In this photo gallery you can view photos, rate them, write comments to them, and also purchase originals of photos you like most. Well I really hope for it :-)

Besides, there are sections that include news, guestbook, and statistics and records review.
Welcome to my photo gallery!

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