"Summer" album

I like this gramophone flower :-)

This is also environment of University "Dubna"

"Summer" album

Nice atmosphere to study and (as they say) to nibble the granite of science.

Boggy lake

"Summer" album

Shot was made out of the window of my university I graduated once. Such nice environment.

Improvements in interface

Interface of my photo gallery ( was simplified a bit.
Improvements include:
* arrangement of main menu,
* scrolling large panoramas,
* removing of "shopping cart" and "orders" sections. Now there is no need to fill forms and pressing buttons in special order. Everything is simplified. Now all you need to buy photos is to contact me via e-mail. Genius, isn't it! :-) Unfortunately, for now only russians can buy photos, because all I can accept are e-money of WebMoney and Yandex.Money payments systems. BUT SOON I will register in 2CheckOut and will be able to accept payment via PayPal, so everybody in the world could buy whatever he/she wants.

Aquatic sports stadium

"Summer" album

This is where aquatic sport competitions are hold annually


Panorama of forest made from a high dam

"Summer" album


"Summer" album

Health-giving medicinal herb, by the way...


"Summer" album

Yes, this is rose :-)


"Summer" album

What is this flower?
There is also pink sort of it.

This is my birthday present to all of you

"Summer" album

Three panoramas of Volga river...

... and one of the lake I made before but during cloudy weather

Today is my birthday!!!

Hey everybody! Today is my birthday!!!

Fir and pine tips

"Summer" album

Always surprise the patterns of fir or pine needles


"Summer" album

Medicinal herb with nice smell

Golden ball

"Summer" album