Panorama of forest made from a high dam

"Summer" album


  1. Another great pano Sergey. They must take some skill to do them so well.

  2. Well, I don't think I am a professional in panorama-making, but if you insist... you can call me so ;-)

    The things you need to do good panorama:
    1) correctly oriented camera positions for each shot - not so far and not so close from prevoius shot, keeping the contant angle during rotation (from left to right, or right to left).
    2) correctly adjusted camera exposure, aperture and other parameters. They need to be contant for each shot in that series. These parameters need to be calculated on basis of central scene.
    3) and the main thing - good intellect software for stitching all the photos into one big panorama. If you are going to try yourself in panorama I recommend "hugin", but I don't know whether it runs under Windows. I run it under Linux, my favourite OS :-)

    Well although software is one of the important steps, the first two (skills of photographer) are very important too.
    If you have the mega bestest program, it will do nothing good if the basis photos are bad. Well, I think you understand it :-)